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Our core skill is written communication so it is natural that, once the communications plan and messages are worked out, we will ensure these are worked out in our clients' written material

Marketing Collateral

We can help clients write the copy for their marketing collateral. After all the hard work that has gone into defining the messages let’s make sure it is presented correctly.

Any communications programme needs to ensure that standard marketing collateral such as brochures, annual reports, advertising and point of sale material fits into the overall theme of the communications.

Integra will manage this process for clients ensuring continuity of design and written elements, always focusing on the key communications targets and themes.

Newsletters and Publications

It is natural that as well as crafting news and articles for third party publications we also create publications directly for our clients. These will include printed newsletters, e-newsletters, and even full magazines for some clients.

Our writing is created with the target reader in mind, always engaging the reader to read on and respond. Such publications are a key part of any communications strategy as there is a time and a place for communicating directly with stakeholders.

We have numerous contacts in print, photography and design, allowing us to select the supplier of design and print who will be most appropriate for the client. This is particularly true of designers and photographers where our knowledge of the type of work a particular associate produces allows us to select the best match for our clients.


We aren’t web designers but we know how to write web copy and to ensure your keywords are well represented without mangling the text. We have good experience of supporting website design and know that good copy is crucial to a website. Designers aren't always good writers, so we can sit alongside them and manage the project to tight deadlines.

Reports, White Papers and the rest

What else do you need to be written well? Annual reports, other business reports, white papers for your website, blogs, articles for web marketing? For all these and more we can find the right style, the right tone and the right words.

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