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When the media spotlight swings your way, it’s important that you’re ready.

In the mainstream media – whether it’s newspaper, radio or television - time is against you: You need to quickly assess what you can hope to achieve and find a form of words which will ensure you make an impression. And whether it’s a sound bite or quote we’re after, or a live broadcast interview, every second counts and every word has to count too.

You need to appreciate that being in the media is always an opportunity: an opportunity to show authority, leadership and reassurance; an opportunity to give your side of the story; an opportunity to promote or protect your business and your reputation.

Our bespoke media training courses, delivered in collaboration with PLC Media will ensure that you make the most of this opportunity.

We’ll offer tips and techniques to help you make an impact, a positive impression, a strategically focussed and memorable contribution. The bulk of the course is about you though: a combination of different interview formats focussed on topical, relevant issues tailored specifically for your delegates will ensure your spokespeople are able to use the limited time effectively and leave the impression you want them to leave.

Integra's media training is lead by Dan Baker

Dan spent 10 years as a television news presenter and reporter for ITV in the Midlands before going into corporate communications. He was Head of Media at Anglian Water for 5 years, and has been designing and delivering media training for clients around the world for more than 4 years. With a CIPR Excellence Award for crisis comms under his belt, he has coached the leaders of some of the UKs best-known brands on how to cope with media scrutiny and turn a potentially nerve-wracking encounter into a positive opportunity.

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